About Us

We built The Mugshot Tavern to be a different kind of neighbourhood bar. We wanted a place where we could bring together our love of food, beer, and bar-type-atmosphere. The Mugshot Tavern really is a labour of love; after all, we basically built this place ourselves with our own hands (and with the help of a whole lot of other people’s hands).

After we left a bar that we worked at together, we had a ‘we’ll show you moment’ when we decided it was time for us to take everything we learned in the service industry and build our own version of the classic neighbourhood bar.

So we scrounged and saved and bartered and borrowed from nearly everyone we knew to get what we needed. We hand-crafted or hand-fixed nearly every fixture, chair, and piece of furniture, agonized over every beer we had on tap, and labored intensely over the food we wanted to serve.

We had a clear idea of what we wanted to build; we wanted to focus on 3 simple ideas that we think are very important in a good bar: serving honest and fresh food; having interesting, well-thought out (and mostly local) beers on tap; and creating a friendly, welcoming bar environment.

To us, The Mugshot Tavern isn’t just another bar; it’s a bar that showcases our hardwork, creativity, and love for the hospitality biz. Come check the bar out; we think you’ll really like it.

– Scott and Jeff